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Weaving Our Past Into The Present

As we look back over 135 years of Christian service, we sense humility and thanksgiving and we are reminded of the words of Christ to Peter: "UPON THIS ROCK I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH." - Matthew 16:18

Nestled in the woods of Charlotte County and on the mere outskirts of Campbell County, Spring Hill Baptist Church had it's beginning in 1880 when a group of men decided to organize a Baptist Church in the community. Among those influential in setting up this church were; Reverend George Yuille, Mr. Albert Batemen, Mr. Jim Yuille and Mr. Thompson Elam. From the vision of these men, what has become Spring Hill Baptist Church began.

The first church building was a log structure heated by an open fire positioned in the middle of a dirt floor. This building occupied the site on which the current building stands. Later, in 1924, came the erection of a frame building, with the belief that the house of worship should be the most comfortable and the most beautiful place in the community. An entirely new structure was built in 1978. This building remains as our house of worship today. Now under the current leadership and through God's amazing grace, members continued faith, sacrifice, perseverance and stewardship, additions to the structure of Spring Hill Baptist Church are still continuing.

There have been ten elected pastors in Spring Hill's history, Rev. George Yuille, Rev. Charles Madison, Rev. C.D. Allen, Rev. L.E. Coleman, Rev. P.L. Harvey, Rev. R.A. Batts, Rev. N.S. Walker, Rev. E.L. Parham, Rev. Dr. E.B. Harris, and our current pastor Rev. Dr Ceasor T. Johnson The minister who pastored the longest tenure was Rev. Dr. E.B. Harris who fostered the spiritual growth of the church for forty seven years until his health failed in 1994.

History records the past but in the process preserves for posterity the loving labors and legacy of personalities now gone, of dedicated hands now at rest of inspiring voices now wrapped in golden silence.

Spring Hill Baptist Church has had its seasons of great joy and gladness, also of humiliation and grief. It's internal history has been on the whole peaceful and happy, though it has known it's share of trouble also. Human imperfections have sometimes marred the years that are gone; let us cast the mantle of charity over all such and bury the remembrances of them out of sight. Let us keep in mind the goodness of God, and forget all human frailties except our own, remembering that the time will come earthly troubles will be of little moment, when the all-important question will be who and what we have individually been.

God has manifestly been with this church in the past, and we believe, with it to the end. Let us cherish its very interest, respect its sacred ordinances, labor for its truest welfare, and offer in its behalf our most earnest supplications; and thus let us endeavor to make it's future holier, and in every sense richer than the past while we each one press on unto perfection.

Respectively Submitted,

The Anniversary Committee

Melissa Yuille-Chairperson, Christine Taylor, Inez Britton, Eloise Rogers, Sylvia Yuille, Dana Rice, Marie Jackson, Deacon Sidney Hancock, Deacon Floyd Moore